CrankCase™ Audio Controller/Power Switch (Black)

$ 79.95

INVENTORY CLOSE-OUT!  We are offering a limited number of our MHI-developed and -branded, out-of-production CrankCase™ units at 65% OFF. These units are blemished, less than perfect-looking -- mostly in the form of striations in the aluminum, imperfect coating (bumps, grainy, runs), etc. Unlike the chromed version, the black units have no graphics markings. Trimmed out with chromed hardware, they have a Steampunk appeal.

All closeout units were recently assembled and tested, and have never been used.

We will ship the best-looking units first.

  • In-house designed, glove-friendly CrankCase™ volume controller/power switch combo for 1" handlebars lets you instantly manage your bike stereo system’s sound output while on the go
  • Designed specifically for the demanding environment of motorcycles
  • Oversized knob gives you smoother, more comfortable through-the-glove feedback and control of your stereo system’s volume output
  • Turns your complete sound system on and off with an audible click you can also feel
  • Blue LED visually confirms power on or off
  • Compact housing is precision-machined, lightweight billet aluminum
  • Sleek but substantial 1” mounting bracket and backstrap assembly designed in-house can be positioned just about anywhere along the bars – next to the throttle or brake controls, for instance
  • Removable two-piece clamp makes it easy to mount on handlebars other than standard 1” if you choose to use your own hardware
  • Well-suited for most smartphones or personal stereo systems – including FM and satellite radios, Ipods and other MP3s, and CD and cassette players
  • Output amplifier is designed to drive standard portable headphones
  • To install, simply wire up to a 12-volt source on your bike, connect to your amplified speakers and stereo system, and enjoy!

What You Get

Each CrankCase™ includes:

. custom 2-piece mounting hardware (black); for 1” bars only)
. 1’ of cable dressing
. clear, illustrated operator manual/installation guide

Plus:  90-day satisfaction guarantee; no warranty on parts and labor (close-out item)


. Analog Control Technology
. Oversized Knob for Glove-Friendly Operation
. 3-Way Power Indicator: High-Visibility Blue LED, audible click, tactile click
. On/Off Switch
. Built-in, Replaceable Fuse (5 Amps) for Internal/External Power Requirements
. Standard Electrical Hardware Compatibility
. Universal Line-Level Input With 1/8” Stereo Plug
. State-of-the-Art, Surface-Mounted Electronics
. Compact, Space-Saving Case Design (1.7” w x 1.8” h x 1.3” d)
. Precision-Machined Aluminum Housing
. Weather-Resistant Design, Conformally Coated Electronics

. Designed, developed and built in the U.S.A. US flag

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