The Original Rumble Road™ Non-Amplified Limited Kit (Chrome or Black)

$ 99.95

The Original Rumble Road™ Limited speaker system from MH Instruments is a custom product for motorcycles with existing car stereo setups.* The speakers are attractively packaged in lustrous chrome or black spotlight shells to enhance the look of most any motorcycle.

Based on the successful Rumble Road™ Premium speaker system, the non-amplified Rumble Road™ Limited is easily installed on handlebars, engine guards, forks or utility bars. The speakers work with any amplified car stereo (either common ground or bridged) to provide high-quality sound on the go or while parked.

What You Get
2 chromed, non-amplified Rumble Road™ speakers
2 chromed, three-piece mounting clamps, available in various sizes
black mesh wire dressing
clear, illustrated owner manual and installation guide
Plus: 90-day satisfaction guarantee; two-year warranty on parts and labor.

Powerful, Clear Sound
Standard Cruiser Spotlight Housing, Chromed
Stainless Steel Grilles and Hardware
Versatile Mounting Locations
Quality 4" Coaxial Full-Range, High-Performance Speakers
Use With Motorcycle Running or Off
Easy Installation
Designed, Developed and Built in the U.S.A. US flag

 *Please note that the non-amplified Rumble Road™ Limited series requires an amplifier-equipped car stereo and is not designed for use with smartphones or personal stereos. If you plan to use a smartphone, portable MP3 or other personal stereo instead of a car stereo, check out MHI’s amplified Rumble Road™ Premium speaker system.