Rumble Road™ Non-Amplified Speaker System (Chrome or Black)

$ 119.95


Designed by MHI specifically for the demanding environments of motorcycles and other powersports vehicles, our high-output, high-fidelity stereo speaker system produces crisp, powerful sound even at highway speeds.

Easily installed on handlebars, engine guards, forks, utility bars or other locations, the weather-resistant Rumble Road™ Limited speaker system works with most amplifiers and stereos.

What You Get
 2 Rumble Road™ Non-Amplified speaker units
 2 three-piece mounting clamps
 4 feet of speaker wire
 clear, illustrated owner manual

 Powerful, Clear Sound
 Standard, Cruiser Spotlight Housing, Chrome-Plated or Black
 Stainless Steel Grilles
 Versatile Mounting Locations
 4" Coaxial Full-Range, High-Performance Coaxial Speakers
 Easy Installation

 Designed, Developed and Built in the U.S.A. US flag

  Plus: 30-day satisfaction guarantee; one-year warranty on parts and labor.