Special Closeout! Rumble Road Premium Amplified Speaker System

$ 99.95



Special close-out on the original Rumble Road Premium self-amplified speaker system with refurbished amplifiers.

Easily installed on handlebars, engine guards, forks, utility bars or other locations, the weather-resistant Rumble Road Premium speaker system works with most smartphones, portable MP3 players, satellite and marine radios, and other personal stereos featuring a standard mini-plug headphone jack. Rumble Road amplified speakers provide high-quality sound on the go or while parked.

What You Get


  • Includes everything you need to mount the speaker system on your motorcycle, Ebike, golf cart, boat or most any vehicle with a 12 volt electrical system.
  • 2 Rumble Road 64-Watt speakers with built-in amplifiers
  • 2 Three-piece mounting clamps
  • Handlebar Mount Volume Control
  • Electrical noise filter
  • Audio cabling and power wiring
  • Black wire mesh dressing
  • Clear, illustrated owner manual/installation guide




  • Powerful, Clear Sound
  • Standard, Cruiser Spotlight Housing
  • Stainless Steel Grilles and Mounting Hardware
  • Versatile Mounting Locations
  • 4" Coaxial Full-Range, Speakers
  • Standard Stereo Mini-Plug
  • Designed, Developed and Built in the U.S.A. US flag



. Wide Range Response
. Easy to Adjust With Riding Gloves On
. Plug and Play Operation
. Simple Installation
. ABS Plastic Body