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AudioBoss Digital Volume, Tone, Power Switch

AudioBoss Digital Volume, Tone, Power Switch

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Great Retro Look for Cruisers!

Quickly, easily and safely adjust your stereo’s audio settings while on the go, with MHI’s AudioBoss™! Designed specifically for the demanding environments of motorcycles, AudioBoss™ gives you instant, fingertip control of your ride’s stereo system.

Housed in highly polished lightweight aluminum, AudioBoss’™ compact, industrial design features fingertip, digital control of the volume, balance, base and treble settings on virtually any smartphone, portable stereo radio, MP3, CD or cassette player. It also works well with many car stereo installations on bikes. A fused master on/off power switch controls your bike’s entire audio system with one touch. Flat-sided metal toggle switches give you better tactile feedback – even through gloves. Nothing to grip or turn. And, blue and red LEDs provide at-a-glance visual confirmation of settings in a color pairing that directs your focus without being distracting.

To install, simply wire AudioBoss™ up to a 12-volt source on your bike, connect to your speakers and stereo system, and enjoy!

What You Get

Each AudioBoss™ includes:

. handlebar adapter bracket with machine screws
. 5/16” threaded mounting stem stainless steel acorn dresser nut
. all audio cabling and power wiring
. clear, illustrated installation guide

Plus: 90-day satisfaction guarantee if returned in original condition and packaging (no warranty on parts and labor for close-out items)


. Digital Control Technology

. Flat-Top Metal Toggle Switches for Optimal Tactile Feedback

. High-Visibility Blue & Red LEDs

. Instant On/Off Switch, (upgraded 15-amp) Fused

. Auto-Memory - Remembers Last Settings

. Standard Electrical Hardware Compatibility

. Universal Line-Level Input

. State-of-the-Art, Surface-Mounted Electronics

. Compact, Space-Saving Design (3-1/8” w x 2-1/8” h x 1” d)

. Precision-Machined, Polished Billet Aluminum Housing

. Clear Powder Coating to Preserve Finish

. Weather-Resistant Construction

. Designed, developed and built in the U.S.A. US flag

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