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CrankCase Volume Control/Power Switch

CrankCase Volume Control/Power Switch

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  • In-house designed, glove-friendly CrankCase™ volume controller/power switch combo for 1" handlebars lets you instantly manage your bike stereo system’s sound output while on the go
  • Designed specifically for the demanding environment of motorcycles
  • Oversized knob gives you smoother, more comfortable through-the-glove feedback and control of your stereo system’s volume output
  • Turns your complete sound system on and off with an audible click you can also feel
  • Blue LED visually confirms power on or off
  • Compact housing is precision-machined, lightweight billet aluminum
  • Sleek but substantial 1” mounting bracket and backstrap assembly designed in-house can be positioned just about anywhere along the bars – next to the throttle or brake controls, for instance
  • Removable two-piece clamp makes it easy to mount on handlebars other than standard 1” if you choose to use your own hardware
  • Well-suited for most smartphones or personal stereo systems – including FM and satellite radios, Ipods and other MP3s, and CD and cassette players
  • Output amplifier is designed to drive standard portable headphones
  • To install, simply wire up to a 12-volt source on your bike, connect to your amplified speakers and stereo system, and enjoy!


. Analog Control Technology
. Oversized Knob for Glove-Friendly Operation
. 3-Way Power Indicator: High-Visibility Blue LED, audible click, tactile click
. On/Off Switch
. Built-in, Replaceable Fuse (5 Amps) for Internal/External Power Requirements
. Standard Electrical Hardware Compatibility
. Universal Line-Level Input With 1/8” Stereo Plug
. State-of-the-Art, Surface-Mounted Electronics
. Compact, Space-Saving Case Design (1.7” w x 1.8” h x 1.3” d)
. Precision-Machined Aluminum Housing
. Weather-Resistant Design, Conformally Coated Electronics

. Designed, developed and built in the U.S.A.

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