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Rumble Road HD Raw200 Amplifier

Rumble Road HD Raw200 Amplifier

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Upgrade an existing sound system, design a new one, or add a second set of speakers.... 

Out in the open or under wraps, at 200 Watts peak power, this rugged, weather-resistant high-output custom amplifier designed by MH Instruments sounds as good as its chromed case looks.

The same powerful audio delivered by The Original Rumble Road™ Ultra amplified speakers is designed specifically for large fairing-based motorcycles – including cruisers, tourers and baggers – where bigger sound and less space are must-haves.

Get maximum volume and clarity from just about any factory, aftermarket, satellite or marine stereo radio, smartphone, MP3 player or boost a car stereo while on the road – without a bulky setup.

Housed in machine-billeted and chromed aluminum, the HD Raw200’s compact, custom industrial design features dual high-gain amplifiers with a trim-fit lid that doubles as a mounting bracket. Together, the case and lid also serve as heatsinks that enable the HD Raw200 to keep its cool in all kinds of weather – and in just about any location on your bike.

Built right into the Rumble Road™ HD Raw200: Universal line-level inputs for stereo compatibility, high-level inputs for added boost, a ground loop isolator for easier wiring and great sound enabling, and a power filter to reduce noise from harsh electrical systems produced elsewhere on your bike. Add to this list the ability to turn the amp on and off remotely. What this means for you?  No unnecessary add-ons and smoother installation.

To install, simply locate the HD Raw200 anywhere with good airflow, wire up to a 12-volt source on your rig, connect to your speakers and stereo system, and enjoy!

What You Get

Each Rumble Road™ HD Raw200 includes:
200 Watt custom chromed stereo amplifier
Integrated 4-slot mounting bracket
All color-coded audio cabling and power wiring, including:
1 set of stereo RCA patch cables
1 Y-adapter to connect RCA inputs to standard 3.5mm stereo plug
2 RCA-to-high-level-speaker adapters (to enable connection to existing stereos)

Plus: 30-day satisfaction guarantee; one-year warranty on parts and labor.

Sleek, Custom Industrial Design from Machine-Billeted, Chromed Aluminum
Compact, Space-Saving Footprint (3.9” w x 5.3” l x 1.6” d, including lid/mounting bracket)
4-Slot Mounting Bracket, Affixed
High-Gain, Stereo-Bridged Amplifiers (approx. 70 total Watts continuous, 100 Watts peak, into 4 Ohms @ 13.6 VDC)
State-of-the-Art, Surface-Mounted Electronics
Simple, Standard Wiring for Flexible Electrical Hookup
Universal Line-Level Inputs
Built-in Ground Loop Isolator
Built-in Power (Noise) Filter
Built-in Relay for Remote On/Off Control

Designed, Developed and Built in the U.S.A. 
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